Hongkong, Chinainfo@kernal-automation.com


We have a professional technical production team that specializes in customizing products according to your specific requirements.

Our technical production team is capable of producing compatible products such as LED light strips, LED boards, LED chips, cooling fans, touchscreens for human-machine interfaces, and more. We conduct corresponding testing and inspections after production to ensure that we deliver high-quality products to you.

We also offer production of customized products based on customer requirements. Whether it's control cabinets, small cabinets, or other products, our team will tailor them to your specifications.

Furthermore, our team can customize and produce non-standard and discontinued compatible products. Whatever product you need, we will do our best to customize it for you. For customized molds, we generally produce them based on the drawings you provide. After manufacturing the molds, we will send you samples for confirmation to ensure that they meet your requirements.

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