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My name is Shero and I work as a sales representative for Kernal.

Recieving my Bachelor's degree in Business English from Guangdong Business and Technology University.

During the school, I learned the culture of different countries, sales terms, import and export knowledge and so on.

As a sales representative, my job is to provide professional product introduction and quotation for customers from all over the world, and I am committed to providing the best service to every incomer.

What clients say about me: "you are a very interesting person" "pleased to work with you" "I like your attitude of being in charge"...

Short video addict, music lover, also like to travel.

I will continue to travel once a year and constantly accept new things and learn new cultures.

Goal is to save ¥1.5 million and retire.



Sales Representative

Motto : Glitter is the only option.

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